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Writing with Pen


According to GLAAD, Social Media Companies Are Failing LGBTQ+ People

Today GLAAD released its 2022 Social Media Safety Index report, a comprehensive review of the LGBTQ user safety policies of the major social media networks. All major social media networks – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube – earned below a 50% score out of a possible 100; they are literally failing the queer community.



Social media fails women: The report card

In addition to policy recommendations, UltraViolet released a report card assigning letter grades to social media platforms such as Facebook/Instagram, YouTube/Google, TikTok, Reddit, and Twitter.Each platform is graded based on current hate speech policies and processes, including the removal of disinformation, threats of violence, white nationalist content, and discrimination based on gender identity, race, and sexual orientation. UltraViolet worked with research group Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) to investigate and review current policies and enforcement procedures across the platforms.


Sierra Club

Dakota Access Pipeline Construction Halted

The Obama administration just announced that it will not grant the final easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline! Instead, the Army Corps of Engineers will conduct an environmental review and explore alternate routes for the project, away from the Missouri River crossing which would impact Tribal land and cultural resources.



Policy recommendations for a feminist net

Social media is not a safe place for Black, Indigenous, Asian American/Pacific Islander/Desi, Latinx, and women of color, who face an onslaught of both racist and misogynist attacks, including vicious gendered disinformation campaigns.

The policy recommendations in this document have been put together by UltraViolet, with extensive input and research from advocacy groups, researchers, and experts across the gender, racial, LGBTQ, and media justice spaces. By adopting, enacting, and enforcing these recommendations, social media platforms will champion gender equity and protect the speech and safety of women, girls, and other marginalized people.


Teen Vogue

Texas Leadership Failed Disabled People During Winter Storm Disaster

Over the last year, we’ve seen that racism and sexism have forced women of color to endure some of the worst impacts of the pandemic and the ongoing threat and trauma of state-led violence against Black people. Similarly, people with disabilities — many of whom are also women of color — have been treated as though their lives are less valuable, and told they have no "quality of life.” Now, many systematically marginalized communities in Texas — groups already bearing the brunt of the pandemic — have endured the worst impacts of the power outages. One in four Texans has a disability and, according to Human Rights Watch, healthcare disparities and other gender-based factors make women more likely to develop a disability in their lifetimes. Women with disabilities already face many barriers to equality like lower pay, high unemployment rates, isolation, and higher rates of sexual violence. It’s easy to see how these circumstances could make navigating a winter storm particularly difficult. But losing access to electricity and water only amplifies the existing inequalities: For people with disabilities it can be literally impossible to survive or live independently without electricity.

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