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9 lessons learned doing social media during a mass mobilization

Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN)

In April 2017, the Sierra Club joined hundreds of other organizations in the Peoples Climate March (PCM) in Washington DC and across the country. Together, organizations turned out over 300,000 people to protest the Trump Administration’s attacks on clean air, clean water, and our climate. This year, we combined the lessons of 2014 with some new strategies and a bit of trial and error to successfully cover the March on social media. Here are just a few things we learned along the way:

The Sierra Club Uses Upland Mobile Messaging to Turn Multiple Phone Lines Into One Massive Call-In Campaign

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Challenge: How do you stage a rapid-response phone call campaign when issues break in the news?

For almost three years, the Sierra Club has supported indigenous communities in their fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), an underground oil project that threatens the environment and risks disturbing the local tribes. 

Digital Storytelling: On Sharing Your Life With Strangers

Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN)

Personal stories are a powerful way for nonprofits to share the importance of their work while highlighting community experiences and inspiring action. But personal stories must be approached with care. It’s essential that storytelling is rooted in authenticity, respect, relationship building, and accountability.

“Why is no one listening to me?” How Facebook and Twitter can get you more signatures.


During this Activist University webinar, you'll learn:

  • Expert social media tactics from:

    • Twitter's Gaming pro Dylan Juhnke,

    • Sierra Club's National Online Organizer Katie Reilly, and 

    • Care2's Social Media & PR Manager Julie Mastrine

How Adele Won the GRAMMYs Even Without Taking Home A Trophy


The link between GRAMMY nominations and music sales has been present since the start of the awards. It’s no surprise that this eventually lead to a telecast that focused more on impressive performances and less on trophies. As such, artists and their record labels can feel confident that a chance to perform on the GRAMMY stage or win one of the most prestigious awards — like Album of the Year — is a catalyst to see a big increase in sales.

Why Are Some Records Outperforming Singles?


The Beatles release sets up the perfect musical experiment: all of the records were heavily promoted by Apple and released on iTunes at the same time, most of their albums are well known and highly revered across several generations, and their singles are the epitome of pop and rock perfection. So, what exactly happens when you release them and give consumers the ability, at one time, to choose between any album and any combination of singles?

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