Zach R. - Former supervisor

"Katie Reilly worked with me for more than a year on some of the most visible and sensitive campaigns at the Sierra Club. From the People's Climate March to mountaintop removal issues, Katie's projects required a willingness to learn, a deep respect for the issues and for affected communities, and a hard-core work ethic. She delivered on all fronts, and became an invaluable and reliable member of the Sierra Club's digital team. In just her first few months, she designed and executed strategies and tactics to work with a vast array of coalition partners in order to mobilize 400,000 people for the largest climate march in history. Katie is incredibly dedicated, hard-working, and creative. She never fails to come up with great ideas or the energy to implement them, and I would work with her again in a heartbeat"

Becky C. - Former colleague

"Katie really knows her stuff. When we were colleagues at The Recording Academy and still today, I look to Katie for insight and innovative ideas about the biz and its ever-changing nature. She is tapped in and brings a unique perspective to the state of the industry. That combined with her professional diligence, passionate ambition, and warm personality make her a delight to work with and a powerful asset to any team."

Paula S. - Former supervisor

"Katie is a very energetic and enthusiastic person. She dives head first into all of her projects and performs her work at 100%. She shows a tremendous amount of initiation and tenation."

Michelle K. - Former classmate

"Katie is a very hard worker and an extremely intelligent person. She always puts 110% into everything that she does, and I honestly don't know anybody who is as up to date with current events as she is. If you are considering Katie as a potential employee in your business, I urge you to hire her, because she will not disappoint you."